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A photo paints a thousand words

I live by this old saying and therefore I shall not blabber about here; to start of you’ll find one photo out of each of my work fields, followed by the categories them selves below with the option to continue to see the entire showbook for each category! So, please brows through to get a feel of the variety and depth of my work – Enjoy / Frankie

The first steps

With over 25 years behind the lens I have gathered a lot of knowledge in the field of photography and moved from snapshots to creating a piece of art with my camera. I started with analog photography and learned the techniques from scratch. Back in 1998 the digital photo revolution started and I was lucky enough to own one of the first digital cameras in Europe.

The process

It took almost 10 more years before I abandoned the analog photography all together and relied only on digital photography in my professional work. I have shot all over the world and know how to put your subject into perspective. I’m not only familiar with most photography techniques but also know how to shape light in the right way. After all, photography means “writing with light” in Greek. I provide all kinds of solutions regardless where or how your subject is to be shot.

The way of work

I do most of my work “on location”. I have shot in the smallest shed but also in huge studios and, of course, also under our great big blue sky. Having learned post processing and development the analog way, I tickle out the very last detail even in the digital world delivering a comprehensive and stunning photo.


I use drones, balloons, helicopters or even especially long poles to get my camera to the right height - to get that unusual perspective; somewhere between ground level and satellite perspective.

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Those quick little loved ones of yours are not to fast for my shutter – Regardless of the amount of legs I’ll freeze them in time for you, forever!

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Regardless if modern or classic – I understand the angles and have the equipment to properly shoot your building.

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I have always believed in giving back to my community and I have found that I can do this in a very good way through my photography.

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Either from a far or really close up out of the trench I’ll cover your artist, light and stage show in every aspect – On request I can produce video as well.

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I’ll gladly come by and put a close focus on your corporation – only through my lens though! I will then set you up with a complete package of photos optimized for print, email & web or social media. On request I can also include you company logo in the post processing.

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This is our most diverse category; I have a variety of solutions, two of them being: Either you can make a fixed booking and you’ll get a comprehensive package of shots afterwards or you can book me “open” and ill come by and shoot and you and/or your guests can buy the shots online afterwards.

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In a very warm and loving way I can follow your kids from the first breath (or even earlier I do process ultrasound images) throughout their lives. I work very discreetly and can come through at your home or the hospital and we can even make a plan for me to come by every once in a while to shoot the entire process of growing up.

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This is where I find my art-side and inner harmony – I love to combine modern techniques with classic motives and as it often happens this comes together in some astonishing imagery of the most spectacular places in the world or just a ordinary sidewalk at some point.

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To actually catch the essence of a good party on film is something of an art in it self. It takes tact and the exact balance of light and movement. I work with high and lighting equipment and have shot in some of the most exclusive clubs in the world as well as the after party braai on the beach. Again, you can choose to book me fixed or “open” and have your guests buy the shots afterwards online.

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Indoors or out in the fields, playing with light and shadows, coming down the runway, a big studio-setup, just a classic shot with a white background or even a biometrically shot – I’ll be glad to brainstorm your ideas with you.

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With a huge love for detail I’ll put your product into focus. I’m very precise with light and use just the right amount of it using mirrors, different light sources and reflectors to make your product shine.

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Yes – This is the moment you want to capture for the rest of your life; and I’ll be glad to do that! My take it all the way package has got you covered, but there are packages to suit everyone. Your wedding will be the center of events but I wont forget your friends and family, sometimes I shoot obvious and openly sometimes more from a far to catch those special moments – This will give you a great set of memories from all angles.

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Additional services

Live Shootings
You want your friends and followers on social media to take part in your party or event live via the internet; search no further – depending on the cellular network on location I can deliver live-feed to your Facebook, Instagram or other social media network.
On top of the photography I have worked with video for several years now and can offer you to shoot short clips and produce small films on top of a shooting as for example a making of or a small image video of your company or project. For all larger video projects I act as a consultant in regard of composition, color usage and technical support. In this case I can also refer one of my colleagues to do the actual shooting and post processing.
Tethered shooting
Imagine the situation, you have to organize a shooting for your boss and he wants to have an instant look at what is happening – For this I can offer you tethered shootings. You will have the possibility to be on location and see the immediate outcome from my cameras on a separate screen while comfortably sitting in a chair in the shade…
Raw / Digital-Negative / Negative Development
In some cases it might come to the point where you already have your photos taken but you are not very happy with the final outcome!? Worry no more; with the advances in digital technology I can help you develop your negative to a result more to your liking.

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I am Frank Baden

an international photographer

a MPDF.EU brand


What I do

The key word here is flexibility; sometimes something has to be shot on a Sunday afternoon or even on Christmas Morning – Ill be there to do that! One of my strengths is location scouting and I’ll find the location for your shooting – I’ve shoot Africa scenarios in the middle of Europe and presents under the Christmas tree in the middle of June.

About me

What makes one an international photographer, one might ask? Or even an international in every sense? Well when you feel at home almost everywhere you might be close to getting there, on top of that I have lived in 7 countries and shot in almost 40 – Over the past 20 od years I have been able to travel the globe and it has not only given me a vast international knowledge but also brought the depth and variety into my work.

My variety

What the variety of my works is supposed to show is; I do not only work for big corporations - but actually for anyone who needs a good photo taken. Regardless if a Hausfrau wants her kittens photographed, daddy wants a photo of his rugby team after the big win or you need a photographer to shoot your kids at the birthday party! Then again I worked with architects shooting entire retirement-villages, I have shot the best the German auto-industry has to offer, worked with one of the biggest coffee brands in Africa as well as the big fashion names from Milan, Paris and New York – And I have always found a fitting quote and way to deliver.


The price of a shooting includes the digital development but neither retouch nor individual cosmetic corrections. The photos are delivered via a download link in JPEG format with a minimum size of 4000 x 2657 pixels at 240 ppi.

Cancellation terms:

Cancellation 2 months or longer prior to shooting: 10% charged
Cancellation less then 2 months prior to shooting: 30% charged
Cancellation less then 1 month prior to shooting: 50% charged
Cancellation less then 2 weeks prior to shooting: 80% charged
Cancellation less then 5 working days prior to shooting: 100% charged

If travel arrangements have been made prior to cancellation the employing party has to cover these costs regardless of the time of cancellation.

As I work internationally I do not claim VAT due to the reverse charge procedure.

Get In Touch

From November to May I work in southern & eastern Africa from the fairest cape of South Africa based in Stellenbosch and for the rest of the year internationally based in Baden-Baden in southwestern Germany.

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